*Collaborative and creative graphic design

*Surface or reverse printed on multiple substrates

*Up to 10-color high-definition printing

*Precise registration

*Accurate color match


*Wide variety of adhesive laminating and coating

*Solventless lamination

*Co-extruded lamination

*Multiple layer laminates

*High-barrier structures

*Cold-seal for heat sensitive products

*Hot-needle perforation for breathability

*Degassing valve, zipper and spout application on preformed bags

*Bag additions: tear notches, hang holes and carry handles

*Customized bag shapes and sizes 

Quality Guarantee

*State-of-the-art technologies and equipment

*24/7 quality control lab led by industrial professionals

*Internal & external auditing

*Incoming materials inspections, in-line process and materials checks, finished products inspection

*ISO certificated


*R&D team with years of film development experiences

*Packaging engineering: analyze your product and engineer flexible packaging   

*Reverse engineering of films and application (material breakdown testing)     

*Problem-solving research and diagnostics

*Engineers with a deep understanding of packing machines and the ability to help customers fix troubles


Ming Ri Flexible Packaging is committed to providing eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of industries. 

A few of the many ways that we make a positive impact on our environment include:

*Advise customers to right-size packages and downgauge films, or replace cans and glass with stand-up pouches

*Select materials that fit recycle streams

*Reduce scrap internally 

*Fewer inks and solvents used

*Solventless lamination to minimize negative impact on environment 

*Over 95% of VOC emissions have been destroyed through the use of RHO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer).

*500,000 KWH electricity consumption has been saved yearly through the utilization of  solar energy heating system

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